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Long range .22 rifle accuracy

by Erik  

These days there are plenty of high-end .22 rifles on the market. Look at rifles from Anschutz, Savage, CZ, and Ruger. Most claim match-grade accuracy and come equipment with longer barrels and custom stocks and other luxuries. However, the limiting… more »

AR-15: single stage vs. two stage trigger

by Erik  

If you look for an aftermarket AR-15 trigger, you'll notice more variations than wrist watches. There are many different makes and models all claiming they are better than the next. … more »

TA33 ACOG eye relief

by Erik  

It's no secret that ACOG rifle scopes are some of the most expensive mid range optics. They are popular choices for fixed focal power on AR-15 rifles. While there are many variants of ACOG with different reticles, bullet drop compensation, and focal p… more »

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