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Ammo: Rounds firing as keyholes

by Erik  

Keyhole is a term used to describe rounds which are fired that do not remain concentric once they leave the barrel. Meaning, once fired, the round starts to tumble like a football kicked for a field goal. more »

CCI quiet 22 vs. CCI standard velocity

by Erik  

CCI has a very wide variety of .22 cartridges. I recently picked up a brick of CCI quiet-22 to see how it performs. There are many .22 cartridges out there that boast being "hearing safe." more »

NFA FORM 1: background check for SBR

by Erik  

If you plan on owning a long gun with a rifle shorter than 16 inches, you will have to comply with the NFA laws. This requires you to submit a form 5320.1 commonly referred to as a "form 1." more »

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