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NFA: Post sample vs. transferable machine guns

by Erik  

In the NFA world, "post sample" means that the machine gun was built AFTER 1986. Therefore, it cannot be owned by a civilian. Post sample machine guns are only allowed to be owned by class 3/SOT holders. The purpose of having a post sample gun is for… more »

NFA items as an individual

by Erik  

Applying as an individual may be cheaper depending on your situation. If you only want one or two NFA items, it is probably cheaper than having a gun trust created by an attorney. However, you loose a limited amount of protection should you unknowingl… more »

Why are 7.62 rounds so popular?

by Erik  

There are many variations of the 7.62 cartridge. The 7.62mm cartridge became popular due to industrial efficiency. more »

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