Century 16 shooting: James Holmes and gun laws

by Erik  

In light of the recent tragedy, I wanted to talk about our gun laws. I'm going to speculate that James Holmes obtained the 4 guns used through legal means which goes against the argument that most crimes are committed with guns obtained illegally. However, I don't consider this incident a crime. It should be appropriately described as a massacre. That being said, I feel it's the exception to the rule regarding gun control.
I am a concealed carry permit holder. While I don't carry 100% of the time, a movie theater is one of the places I always do. Why is that? Well, a movie theater is one of the easiest targets for something like this. There is a large amount of people confined in a small space. They are in the dark, and their attention is anywhere but looking out for their own safety.

I expressed this concern to family and friends as I explained my reasoning for carrying a gun into the movie theater. A lot of people laughed at me or responded with something along the lines of me being paranoid. The results are in, and now nobody is laughing.

In recent news, a 71-year old man at an "internet cafe" shot at two "alleged robbers." You can read more and see the video, but the internet cafe is actually a place that operates using computers for legal gambling. There are many of them around and through a legal loophole they are allowed to operate but call themselves internet cafes. They are frequent targets for robberies. Going back to the Century 16 incident, I'm surprised that nobody in the theater was carrying and/or tried shooting back. Although, we weren't there and don't know exactly how it all went down. I'm sure many people were in shock and I still can't find any information about what the "gas canisters" actually were or what guns were used.
James Holmes was apparently outfitted with a gas mask, bullet proof vest, and other tactical items described as "riot gear." It may surprise you that all of these items can be purchased legally. As far as the gas canisters I can only speculate they were plan smoke signaling devices commonly used at sea to spot ships in distress.

Back to my original point; despite all the speculation and details surrounding this tragedy, bad news like this always spawns arguments for stricter gun control or even a ban on guns. Many pro-gun fans are concerned that President Obama, the UN, or US government is trying their hardest to take guns from civilians. Personally, I don't think anyone will ever take away our 2nd amendment rights. Some argue that our country was founded on the right to have guns and others believe history will repeat itself and we will have another civil war over the it. However, at the end of the day the NRA very powerful. I think they are arguably, one of the most powerful private organizations in the country. They defend our right to the 2nd amendment and have done a pretty good job so far.

Despite this tragedy, remember that we still live in America. It's still the greatest country in the world and even though bad things like this happen we still have it better than anywhere else in the world.

God Bless America

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