Category: "Hand Guns"

Tools and chemcials for cleaning guns

by Erik  

There are a million products out there for cleaning guns. They range in price but they all yield the same end result: a clean gun. It's important to keep your guns clean and properly lubricated to ensure proper operation and life of the weapon. If yo… more »

Sandy Hook Shooting: New Gun Laws?

by Erik  

Here we go... of course myself and many others are shocked by the tragedy which happened at Sandy Hook elementary school. However, a big issue here is the media and politicians will spin this and other recent shootings into a reason to bad guns or at l… more »

Pistol weight and trigger pull

by Erik  

Most people are much better rifle shooters than pistol shooters. Why is that? Well, a rifle usually weights between 5-10 pounds with a trigger pull that similar in weight or less. So your AR-15 might weigh 7.5 pounds but it's trigger pull is only 3.5… more »

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