Category: "Hand Guns"

Are silencers legal?

by Erik  

The short answer is yes.  Civilians are permitted to own "silencers" in 39 U.S. states.  However, they are strictly controlled and tracked by the BATFE.  Sliceners have been deemed by the BATFE as an NFA item.  You can read more about NFA items here. more »

Uses for guns with laser sights

by Erik  

Laser sights have been used by the military for decades. They are easiest way to get on target quickly and allow you to shoot from the hip, low-ready, or just about any other position. Today's combat lasers are IR (infrared) meaning they aren't visibl… more »

How to use snap caps

by Erik  

Snap caps are a great way to test the functionality of your guns after repairs, modifications, or a good cleaning. They are made in nearly every caliber and are fairly inexpensive. What do I use snap caps for? For the most part I use them to… more »

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