Category: "Hand Guns"

Why the .40 caliber sucks

by Erik  

Despite the .40 caliber being the first handgun I ever shot I still don't like the .40. Some people are big fans of the .40 while others avoid them like the plague. I was looking at used HKs at my LGS (local gun store) and I was surprised how many the… more »

AMMO: Top 5 dumbest calibers

by Erik  

Here is my list of the top 5 dumbest calibers. I chose these based on their lack of availability, cost, and substitutes. Here we go: .45 GAP - Chalk this up to Glock trying to re-invent the wheel .357 Sig - Only the US Government would be du… more »

Choosing range bags and gear

by Erik  

If plan to shoot frequently at a gun range you will need to buy some range gear. In this article, I will discuss things you need for range trips like bags, targets, and safety equipment. The most helpful thing you will need is a bag or gun cas… more »

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