Category: "Hand Guns"

HK Mark 23: Safariland holster

by Erik  

The HK Mark 23 is an amazing handgun. However, it's size excludes it from being considered by many holster manufacturers. One of the more common form fitted options is the Safariland 6005-94-122. The 6005 series is a drop leg holster with a rear re… more »

What is a Match Trigger?

by Erik  

Match triggers are often found in competition and high-end guns. I think everyone likes the idea of having a "match trigger" in their gun. However, most shooters don't know exactly what makes a match trigger. Match triggers consist of 4 major… more »

Price of HK guns and accessories

by Erik  

There are many factors that determine the price of HK guns and gear. What makes them so great? more »

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