Category: "Hand Guns"

Why are Glocks so popular?

by Erik  

When new shooters ask me which hand gun to buy, I almost always recommend a Glock. Why? Well, there are several reasons why Glocks are a good choice for new shooters. Design Price Accessories Reliability Product line The design of… more »

Adding an O-ring engagement to a USP-SD

by Erik  

The O-ring engagement was among a few of HK's innovations with the USP line of pistols. They claim it provides better accuracy by allowing the barrel to fully lock up with the slide. There is some debate to the validity of the claim, but nonetheless,… more »

Will dry firing hurt my Glock?

by Erik  

The short answer is no. Dry firing a Glock does not hurt the firing pin or any other part of the gun. Over time, the trigger spring and recoil spring may wear, but much slower than it would from live fire. Dry firing a gun will not hurt any c… more »

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