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Firearms in America

by Erik  

Firearms have always been a controversial topic among media, governments, and the general population.  The information contained within this site provides easy to understand information related to firearms, their use, and operation.  I will do my best t… more »

Why do gun dealers charge extra for a credit card?

by Erik  

If you purchase guns online you'll find most vendors will charge extra fee to use a credit card. Why is that? Every other merchant accepts credit cards and doesn't add 2-4% extra, what gives? more »

Extra ammo for concealed carry

by Erik  

Do you really need to carry extra ammo in your concealed carry gun? more »

Cleaning guns with ultrasonic cleaners

by Erik  

Ultrasonic cleaners can be a good way to clean some of your small gun parts. Ultrasonic cleaners work by turning high frequency sound waves into tiny bubbles the create a scrubbing action. more »

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