Category: "Concealed Carry"

Why open carry is bad

by Erik  

I am an obvious gun advocate, but cruising around youtube I found even more videos of people walking around supporting open carry. Again, I am a gun supporter, but I have to agree with officers responding. It just creates too much negative attention.… more »

Should I keep a gun in the car?

by Erik  

Keeping a gun in your car is a double edged sword. It's great to have it, but when you aren't in the car there is always the possibility that it will be stolen. more »

Why I don't like 1911 handguns

by Erik  

I'll be one of the few that says I don't like the 1911 platform. There are many (probably millions) of 1911 fans out there. I'm not saying that a 1911 is not a good gun. I am saying that I don't like it and here are my reasons. Design/mate… more »

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