Category: "Concealed Carry"

GUN LAWS: Understanding state and federal

by Erik  

Guns laws, both at the national and state level, are one of the most misconstrued things today.  This is due largely to the mainstream media spreading anti-gun propganda and our  own goverment which changes or amends gun laws more often than Tiger Woods… more »

State of Florida: Concealed weapons permit and pre-trial intervention

by Erik  

In the state of Florida, there is a program called pre-trial intervention (PTI). PTI is part of a state program to reduce the number of first time offenders that are convicted. More importantly, it's a way to ensure you are not prosecuted for a crime… more »

Gun shows: background check loophole

by Erik  

Many times over I hear liberals talk about how bad gun shows are. For whatever reason (probably the media) they are under the impression the some type of loophole exists where you can purchase a gun without a background check or waiting period.… more »

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