Category: "Class 3/NFA"

Califronia's crazy gun laws

by Erik  

Well, let me start by saying I live in Florida where we have some of the most liberal state guns laws in the country. However, over the past few years news of California gun laws have caught my interest. For those of you who were wondering, I'm going… more »

GUN LAWS: Understanding state and federal

by Erik  

Guns laws, both at the national and state level, are one of the most misconstrued things today.  This is due largely to the mainstream media spreading anti-gun propganda and our  own goverment which changes or amends gun laws more often than Tiger Woods… more »

SUPPRESSOR: SWR Warlock 2 Review

by Erik  

If you are looking for a dedicated .22 can on the cheap look no further than the Warlock 2 from SWR. The price of the can itself comes in right around the cost of the tax stamp but I can't complain about it's fantastic design and light weight. The onl… more »

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