Category: "Class 3/NFA"

buy an MP5 or MP5SD?

by Erik  

If you are thinking of choosing between an MP5 or MP5 SD, chances are you already know a lot about the MP5 platform. For those who don't, I will enlighten you. The MP5 and MP5SD are both submachine guns because they are chambered in a pistol caliber. more »

How long is the wait for Class 3?

by Erik  

The short answer is it depends. Here are several factors that affect the wait times for completed paperwork: Total amount of forms in process State you live in If your paperwork is complete and correct more »

Purchase and transfer process with

by Erik  

I can't say enough good things about Their staff is knowledgeable and friendly, and both times I have used them the process was flawless. If you are thinking about purchasing from have no fears, they are top notch. H… more »

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