Category: "Class 3/NFA"

Ballistics: crime scene investigation and silencers

by Erik  

I often get asked if police can tell if a suppressor is used in a crime. The answer is generally no, but there are some things to consider. Crimes involving bullets are investigated using several aspects of ballistics. Some or all may be used dependi… more »

ATF: e-forms approved in 3 months?

by Erik  

The BATFE recently rolled out the e-form system which allows dealers AND individuals to submit their forms via electronic delivery. more »

45ACP vs. 300 Blackout

by Erik  

A friend of mine recently showed me his custom .300 blackout rifle with a 9-inch barrel and AAC 762 suppressor. I was intrigued to compare it with my HK UMP 8-inch barrel gun. Both are short barrel rifles and when loaded with subsonic ammo, the .300 b… more »

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