Category: "Class 3/NFA"

SBR Engraving Explained

by Erik  

If you want to have a long gun with a barrel shorter than 16" you will need to complete a form 1 application. The process of submitting a form 1 has already been explained in detail. However, depending on the gun, you may be required to have some ma… more »

FORM 1: SBR when to engrave?

by Erik  

If you have applied for an SBR using a form 1, then you should have your engraving done BEFORE the form is approved. Once the form is approved and the gun is entered into the BATFE registry, I cannot be shipped traditionally as it would like a title 1… more »

Adding an O-ring engagement to a USP-SD

by Erik  

The O-ring engagement was among a few of HK's innovations with the USP line of pistols. They claim it provides better accuracy by allowing the barrel to fully lock up with the slide. There is some debate to the validity of the claim, but nonetheless,… more »

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