Category: "Ammunition"

Califronia's crazy gun laws

by Erik  

Well, let me start by saying I live in Florida where we have some of the most liberal state guns laws in the country. However, over the past few years news of California gun laws have caught my interest. For those of you who were wondering, I'm going… more »

Why the .40 caliber sucks

by Erik  

Despite the .40 caliber being the first handgun I ever shot I still don't like the .40. Some people are big fans of the .40 while others avoid them like the plague. I was looking at used HKs at my LGS (local gun store) and I was surprised how many the… more »

RELOADING: Adding LED lights to a Dillon press

by Erik  

If you are reloading in a garage or dark room chances are you would love to have some light over your shell plate. Viewing your powder charges is an important part of the reloading process and ensures that your cartridges are safe to fire. Using this… more »

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