Category: "Ammunition"

ammunition: hollow-point vs. ball

by Erik  

About once a week I am asked about ammo. Most people ask "which is the best self defense ammo" or "which bullet has the best penetration." This is a loaded questions. No pun intended. Let's be honest, getting hit with any bullet is always potentially… more »

9mm 147 grain subsonic ammo: RELOAD IT!

by Erik  

When you consider the cost of reloading, 9mm isn't going to be a big money saver. Heavier bullets like .45 ACP or rifle cartridges that take large amounts of powder are going to make it worth your while to reload. When purchasing in bulk, heavy bullet… more »

Ballistics: crime scene investigation and silencers

by Erik  

I often get asked if police can tell if a suppressor is used in a crime. The answer is generally no, but there are some things to consider. Crimes involving bullets are investigated using several aspects of ballistics. Some or all may be used dependi… more »

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