Category: "Ammunition"

RELOADING: 223 is labor intensive

by Erik  

If you are new to reloading, or thinking of starting you'll probably want to reload .223/5.56. While you can successfully reload this caliber, it's pretty labor intensive. Even using a progressive press, there are some steps that still must be perform… more »

Triple-base gun powder?

by Erik  

The primary energy source in triple-base powder is nitrocellulose, nitroglycerine, and nitroguanidine. more »

AMMO: what is +P and +P+

by Erik  

+P and +P+ ammo usually refers to self defense ammo that is loaded extra "hot" in order to achieve high velocity. The downside to these loads is increased recoil and additional muzzle flash. These can be counter acted buy using a lighter bullet and gu… more »

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