Category: "Ammunition"

Gun powder coming back

by Erik  

Every few months there is a gun show right down the street from my neighborhood. I've been shelling out the $7 entry fee in hopes of finding a of stash pistol powder or anything specific I might need/want to try for loading rifle rounds. I have… more »

RELOADING: Rifle powder is back!

by Erik  

As a reloader, I've kept a careful eye on reloading components over the last few years. At different times certain components became scarce or even impossible to find. Bullets, primers, and brass cases have all come back in full supply. I remember… more »

First gun: which caliber?

by Erik  

If you are considering your first gun chances are it's a hand gun. Rifles can be be intimidating and usually cost more than run of the mill pistols. So you may be wondering which caliber should I get? There are many out there and and it's very confus… more »

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