Category: "Ammunition"

AMMO: Top 5 dumbest calibers

by Erik  

Here is my list of the top 5 dumbest calibers. I chose these based on their lack of availability, cost, and substitutes. Here we go: .45 GAP - Chalk this up to Glock trying to re-invent the wheel .357 Sig - Only the US Government would be du… more »

RELOADING: standard primers vs. match primers

by Erik  

Have you ever wondered what is different about a "match" primer? Primers work by igniting the powder within the cartridge case. There are many variations is how they ignite. This depends mostly on the temperature and/or rate at which the primer will… more »

Lead vs. lead cast bullets

by Erik  

So you want to start shooting lead bullet huh? Using lead bullets is a great way to save money over using jacketed or plated bullets. However, there are a few things to look for when buying lead bullets. First, you don't want pure lead bullets.… more »

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