Archives for: December 2014

SHOOTING VIDEO: Camera and audio equipment

by Erik  

I've had several questions in the last few weeks about the setup I use for recording videos. I did a lot of research before I started publishing videos on youtube and here is what I settled one. Camera When shooting demonstration videos… more »

RELOADING: Rifle powder is back!

by Erik  

As a reloader, I've kept a careful eye on reloading components over the last few years. At different times certain components became scarce or even impossible to find. Bullets, primers, and brass cases have all come back in full supply. I remember… more »

SUPPRESSORS: Titanium vs. steel construction

by Erik  

One thing to consider when choosing a suppressor is the type of construction. Commonly you will find stainless steel, titanium, and even aluminum. All of these materials have different pros and cons. The following sections will give you an idea of… more »